Acer Predator 6 and Jade Primo hands-on: Acer at IFA 2015

Acer kicked off IFA 2015 press conferences and definitely went all out with all sorts of devices. What got us by surprise however is their Predator mobile gaming devices – the Predator 8 and a gamer smartphone – the Predator 6. The latter is a beastly device with a ten core processor that promises to dominate the mobile gaming niche, so we decided to see if it has what it takes to deliver on that big order.

The other unusual device is a Windows 10 smartphone – the Jade Primo. It’s rocking a Snapdragon chipset powerful enough to take advantage of Microsoft’s cool Continuum feature. It allows you to dock the phone and hook it up to a large monitor, running Windows 10 on a big display.

IFA 2015 Acer

The OEM unveiled an avalanche of new devices across most of its product branches, ranging from PC’s and gaming hardware all the way to Android and Windows mobiles. The amount of new tech was so overwhelming that we are still catching up with our hands-on experiences.

We already gave you a glimpse of the Z630, Z530 and Z330, as well as their variants and some of the first Windows Mobile devices – the M330 and M230.

Now it’s time for the company’s two most interesting new smartphones. Both managed to pique or interest in its own way and so we naturally went back for a closer look.

  • Acer Predator 6
  • Acer Jade Primo
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