Auctioneer Review [iOS]

At the moment, there are a handful of cookie clicker games consuming my iPhone space. My recent pick up is Auctioneer [Free] by Cherrypick Games, a game I alternate with Pop the Lock. It’s a clever little game that has an inventive concept overall. It doesn’t seem to quite reel you in with the “addicting” element that most chart toppers will have, but it does the trick for eliminating spurts of boredom without required investment of effort.

Auctioneer is a simplistic game of reaching high scores, merely by using some basic math and swift judgment. As you host a private auction, you will be taking the highest bid from the crowd as they work up their bids against a fancy new item. There are successive rounds where you are tasked with tapping the high bid on the board. Anything less, your round will end abruptly.

The first few rounds of bidding are moderately light, with only a few crowd members take part. Gradually, it appears that everyone wants to get in the action to claim the item at up for bid. There is a timer for each set of bids – this fits nicely with the overall concept of an auction.

You will earn stars each round, although it’s not exactly clear when you reach two stars versus three. These stars are a minimal dent into the total number of stars needed in order to unlock new auction sites or levels. Of course, you can watch ads to speed up this process but it definitely felt a grind in order to see anything new.

If you’re looking for a time killer, Auctioneer is recommended to help work the analytical side of your brain for short bursts. Especially in the morning, working with numbers will help wake you up a bit, but unfortunately, the game itself does not have enough variety to keep you coming back for more.

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