‘Dragon Hills’ Review

A charming adventure lies within Dragon Hills, as a fearless princess doesn’t wait for a prince to save her. Instead, she jumps on top of her Dragon along with a massive sword and storms furiously through the havoc-wreaked environments.

Dragon Hills is an over-the-top adventure game with simple mechanics for pick up and play as well as vivacious environments. I would like to call it an “endless runner” as it certainly feels like one, but I wouldn’t want you to give you the wrong impression. The gameplay is evolved and has a clear focus on destruction rather than running. The dragon can literally crush 90% of the objects that stand in its way.

There are also epic boss battles by the end of each level, sometimes involve 3 or more gargantuan knights to take out. Prior to this encounter, you must destroy the measly Knights, evade hot lava, and demolish buildings before meeting your eventual demise.

With that said, there are familiarities here to endless runners such as Time Surfer and subtle design inspirations from Alto’s Adventure. It’s a hilly experience that does involve timing. Its polish in design from the animated characters all the way to the dynamic skies add flavor.

Dragon Hills replay value is based on upgrades more so than the levels. Each round, you’ll collect coins and with the more you earn, the more you can use towards vital power-ups and upgrades. The upgrade system is a core part of the game in order to find success in future levels, however it does feel at times a little pricey and will require a bit of a grind. Nonetheless, I’d rather work for it than to have it handed to me.

Rebel Twins is one of those indie game studios that deserve to have more recognition. Their art style and creative ideas always mash-up into something special. Although their titles do not necessarily reinvent the wheel, their polished design, enjoyable concepts, and variety in gameplay styles gives them a definitive place in our hearts.

Overall, Dragon Hills is a satisfying action-packed game worth checking out for a quickie. Also, check out their previous titles Aliens Drive Me Crazy and Daddy Was A Thief, they will not disappoint.

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