Foxy Appears in Nightmarish Fashion in Latest ‘FNAF 4’ Teaser

Revealed from under the curtain is Foxy, who joins the list of teaser images of the upcoming fourth instalment of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Yes, the antagonist animatronic is designed similarly to the others with a “nightmarish” theme along with an extremely pointy set of teeth. The new animatronics are going back at it again in the upcoming game and just like all teaser images, there are hidden messages that lead to speculations as you lighten or darken the image in a photo editor.

Discussions around the latest image have uncovered the word “Nightmare” written across the top row of teeth and “Out of Order” within the mouth. When darkened, the eyes reveal the number 8 and 7, which likely refers to the year the infamous ‘Bite of ’87‘ which was briefly mentioned in the original game. Who’s responsible for this horrid event? Well, with these little clues it appears that Foxy could have been the likely perpetrator. But who knows as it could have been any of the animatronics that have been revealed.

By the looks of the new images, the game appears to take place in the present as the years have passed and the animatronics have evolved. Or, based on the clues, it could have just been a terrible nightmare.

One thing we can confirm is that it’s scheduled to release this Halloween.

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