Google Glass for Business Features New ‘Snap-On Design’: Report


Google, according to a recent report, has started distributing a new version of Google Glass to healthcare and manufacturing businesses or Glass for Work startups. The firm is said to be directly providing the wearable to software developers.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, the new version of Google Glass is being offered as a snap-on module which is essentially a mini computer featuring a button-and-hinge combination and prism. This also means that it can be attached with the protective eyewear used by researchers or in factories.

As per the WSJ report, the new Google Glass version is also said to comes with an improved Intel Atom processor, offer better battery life (up to 2 hours) and wireless connectivity. Also housed is a slightly larger prism than the Explorer version – said to be longer and thinner. The prism can be moved horizontally and vertically – the first version to do so. The new version also features a battery pack that can be magnetically attached to the module.

These details match largely the leaked detailed that had been tipped earlier this month. The earlier report had also mentioned that the new rugged design is “built to withstand normal drops and bumps” and will also have “fewer openings and tighter buttons to close off areas where liquid could otherwise seep into the device,” making it more water resistant.

The Wall Street Journal report however adds that Google has not yet killed the consumer model of Google Glass, but adds the new version would at least take a year to reach general consumers.

The ‘Explorer Edition’ of Google Glass was launched as a beta product in 2013. The company invited a select group of ‘Explorers’ to purchase Glass for $1,500. Google discontinued the eye wearable device earlier this year.

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