‘Kosmo’ Review [iOS]

The menu screen flickers the instructions “Tap to Play”, where you will instantly have an idea of what Kosmo is all about…a minimalistic tapping game with a defiant nature. Kosmo is a vertical endless-hopper infused with cute characters and dynamic environments. What sets this game apart is its shift of focus from quick reflexes to anticipation and strategic timing. As your spaceship was hit by a comet, all you have is a trusty jetpack to hopefully return to space.

As I pounced my rounded little friend upwards by tapping the left and right of the screen, you will encounter many challenges. These hitches are carefully crafted every round and randomly generated. The goal is to avoid enemies marked by a skull, such as the patrolling blimps and hot air balloons, as well as deathly traps fixed in the sky. The pace of enemy movements differ from one another, thus timing where to navigate is extremely important. I found myself taking more risks as you become more comfortable with the controls. Newbie tip: although it is playable with one hand, two hands are better.

The game is endless, so Kosmo is a test to see how far you can last. Coins are scattered throughout which can help unlock different characters. As it is a free-to-play game, you would be happy to hear that it’s not intrusive and the video ads are nicely woven into the game itself. By the end of your round, you can revive the session by watching a 30 second video ad or skip the ad and start from the beginning. Occasionally there are pop up ads as well, but if you’d like to remove all ads, an in-app purchase is available.

The one thing that is a bit more annoying than ads is the game sound. Each tap will make your character make a prominent game sound. With frequent taps, it can get maddening. I turned off the sound and I recommend you doing so too.

Overall, Kosmo is a nice-to-have time killer for any mobile device. Although it doesn’t have many layers to the gameplay except simple tap gestures, there is enough variety in the obstacles and environments to keep it refreshing. There were moments when I was waiting in line at the checkout counter or waiting for a friend to pick me up, which I resorted to Kosmo. 

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