Letv smart TVs, phones coming to India soon!

Letv has fast turned into a company worth looking out for. After venturing into hardware earlier this year, Letv are now eyeing some of the top markets in the world after covering base in China.

Letv is already known to be working on building on its USA presence. A little while ago, we also heard about the company’s intentions to enter the Indian market, one where a lot of Chinese companies have felt at home.

Found on Letv’s Facebook page today were a couple of teasers that have to do with the smart TV range from the company.

The teasers also made their way to Letv India’s Twitter account.

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Like almost every new kid on the block, Letv seem to want to disrupt the smart device scene in India with their products, as indicated by the #DisruptiveFuture hashtag that accompanies the teasers.

If you’ve been following the company’s antics from early this year, you will know that Letv had pretty much managed to disrupt the smartphone scene with the Letv Le 1 and accompaniments before Xiaomi took centerstage with the Redmi Note 2.


The above image was posted with a caption: Not just a TV, but your gateway to the #DisruptiveFuture.

Coming back the the teasers, it appears as though buyers in India will soon be treated to some Letv branded smart TV fun… which shouldn’t cost too much if you go by the company’s track record. Also, if you look closely, the teaser from 5th October seems to have a Letv Le 1 hidden in it… what could that mean?

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