Meet ‘Recoilman’, Foam Creature’s First Protagonist in Upcoming Platformer

Small indie team, Foam Creature, brings to you their first mobile game based around an overly cocky superhero, wearing purple spandex. He was once the bad guy, but now he’s changed.

Character development is often overlooked in mobile games. Building a connection with the protagonist, although present, remains to be a rare component of new games. The games we grew up on such as Mario, Link, and Sonic, were able to create a fan base, not only around the game mechanics, but the character itself. This includes the antagonists. So I do appreciate the effort of bringing these characters to life.

Recoilman is described as a fast-paced platformer, set to arrive to mobile devices in the second half of 2015.

Background Story:

After years amassing a fortune with his crime organization The Bounty, our moustached superhero Recoilman realized that doing evil was not so cool anymore, as he was really on the same side than corrupt bankers and politicians!

…But to his surprise, once he showed to his goons the restructuring plans to become a good and gentle organization, they made a revolt and kicked him out of power!

So now, Recoilman has decided to take revenge and dismantle the whole organization: with the help of Granpa and Prof. Pain -the only ones who didn’t betray him-, he will have to reprogram the minions, the secret robot ninja army controlled by The Bounty, to fight on his side and give a good lesson to all his old followers.

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