‘Mr Jump’ Review

Move over Flappy Bird. Time to make room for a new mobile gaming phenomenon that recently hit the App Store. This game “jumped” to the top of the App Store on its first week, garnering over 5 million downloads, which by the way is unheard of! Mr Jump is a one button, simple, stylish and immensely addictive platformer that will keep you coming back for more…so beware.

Mr Jump Says

As the title would suggest, it is your mission to jump your way to victory across 12 stages with an insane amount of difficulty spikes. You only have control of timing your jumps as well as the strength of the jump. A short tap will provide smaller hops and a longer hold will give you a bit more air time. Managing these jumps are required in order to precisely land on platforms, avoid obstacles such as spikes, and land safely to the end zone.

Usually I would express my utter frustration towards these uber difficult games, however, Mr Jump has gotten something fiendishly correct with its gameplay and evolving environments. I kept hitting the restart button more times than I can remember. What fascinated me was its “simple to learn, difficult to master” gameplay, with laugh out loud fun that will surely encourage players to tell their friends about.

Sheer determination is required to enjoy this game. As you fail multiple times on a single level, you will eventually learn the types of jumps required to move further along. Your inner voice will tell you, “okay, I think I got it now”, which will entice you for more. There is a psychological element in here, where is brings such a satisfying feeling when you beat the level…until you meet the next one.


Jump Or Die

Mr Jump has a Mario-vibe to it. The happy go lucky music is oddly a nice touch because it just increases the comedy factor in such a way as to say “this game is all happy smiles and right now you are raging incredibly hard, but don’t worry just try again”. That’s the impression I had from the first level and I have only just managed to reach around 40% on the second stage which resembles a jungle complete with tribal beats.

After the second level, the game begins to evolve with a rainbow diamond power-up, that gives Mr Jump unlimited jumping capabilities in mid-air. This transforms elements of the game from not just platformer, but a Flappy Bird-esque formula.


Unlockables are The Limit

There are not many faults of this game other than the brutal difficulty, which can be overcome with learning the maps and developing better reaction times. There are in-app purchases to remove ads for $1.99 or you can unlock the next level with a key for $0.99. The developers at 1Button have avoid the “Play To Win” structure and the ads are not as intrusive as other free games out there. There is also a deep desire to share your progress over social networking for bragging rights or progress reports because everybody is in the same boat.

The Verdict

My warning would be to watch out, because this gem may not be all bells and whistles, but it’s accessible, fun and currently taking over 5 million+ devices at a rapid rate. Although the game is extremely hard, the hardest part would be finding a way to put the game away.

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