MWC 2014: LG G Pro 2, G2 mini and L III series hands-on

LG had a handful of devices announced ahead of the MWC, which we got to handle. More announcement have yet to be made though. We’re at the event right now and we’ll be bringing more stuff as it becomes available.

So far, LG is making a big deal of its new knock codes – a unique way to unlock smartphones with a level of security similar to pattern unlock. The only new announcement so far is the entry-level F70, which is very similar to the L70. The LG L III series, the G Pro 2 and the LG G2 mini had all been announced before the MWC began. Even the LG G Flex is here, with its large, curved screen.

While the LG G Pro 2 isn’t new, it’s the first time we’ve seen it in person – we even took it out to snap a few camera samples, including 4K videos. It’s the first time we’ve handled the LG G2 mini too and its lightweight design impressed us, but the phone has a lot to live up to with that flagship name.

  • LG G Pro 2 hands-on (update: new UI video)
  • LG G2 mini hands-on (update: video demo)
  • LG F70 hands-on
  • LG L90 hands-on
  • LG L70 hands-on
  • LG L40 hands-on

We didn’t get a chance to touch the L70 and L40, but this is barely the first day of the MWC (officially, it starts tomorrow), so if we get a chance we’ll give those two a spin too. The L70 is fairly similar to the F70 and you can read our first impressions on page 4, followed by the L90.

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