New ‘Bio Inc.’ Update Includes the Unprotected Sex Roulette Wheel and New Stages

Bio Inc. has garnered over seven million players of this Plague Inc-inspired strategy game. In Bio Inc., there is plenty of content as your goal is to create the most lethal illness possible to determine the fate of a victim, who assumed you were there to help.

Bio Inc. by DryGin Studios is mostly strategy but it includes plenty of educational content at a high level around various diseases, risk factors, and cures. There is a new update to cater to the seven million players out there including the following:

New “Lethal” difficulty.
Think you’re tough? We added a new difficulty setting for hard-core players. This new mode will test your skills and is for experienced Bio Inc. players only.6 New Stages and new player progression.
We added 6 stages under a new “Specialized M.D” stage section. These stages will provide a new and exciting experience with fun and engaging scenarios. We also separated all other stages in 3 sections of 6 stages each to enhance the feeling of progression.25 New Boosters!
Use the new booster interface to add boosters and change the way the game behaves. You can choose up to 5 boosters per game from the following categories: Economics, Diseases, Risk Factors, Recovery, and Environmental. Each booster will change the course of the game and let you re-experience Bio Inc., especially using the new “Lethal” difficulty setting.Bio Coins
With each game you win, you now earn “Bio Coins”. These coins will enable you to purchase boosters for your next games.Unprotected Sex Roulette
John Smith may now have unprotected sex! This could lead to mild or severe STDs.Cloud Sync
We now fully support for saved games and progress to be synchronized across all your devices.New Shop
We have simplified the process to unlock the full game. Any purchase made in the game will now unlock the fast-forward button and remove all ads.Save John Smith
If you dare to go up to stage 18 (the last one), you will now be playing as a savior to John Smith and will be battling against an AI that will try to bring him down. Fans clearly wanted to play this way and we made it happen. Can you save John?Replay Value
If you have already completed Bio Inc.’s first 12 stages, we encourage you to replay them using the “Lethal” difficulty setting and the new Booster system. Combined, they offer a refreshingly different Bio Inc. experience.Leaderboards and Achievements
We added 6 new leaderboards and achievements. Compare your performance with millions of players worldwide and challenge your friends!

Bio Inc. is available on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon.

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