No Fallout 4 Mods at Launch

Open-world post-apocalyptic role-playing game Fallout 4 will not allow user modifications on release day. This is because the tools needed to allow users to make their own content are not ready yet.

“Our entire focus is on finishing the game,” Pete Hines, VP of Marketing at Bethesda said to IGN. “Nobody cares about mods if the game sucks. This has always been our philosophy. We shift energy to construction tools, the creation kit, and all of that stuff once the game is done, and we start to figure out what all of that is going to look like.”

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He continued, “The idea is that [the tools] will work on all platforms, but the truth is the system doesn’t exist. It’s still being built and worked on and it’s going to take awhile. It’s going to take clearly into next year because we can’t even start it…”

In addition to this, Hines said that, the portal announced by the company at E3 2015 would serve as a central location for sharing mods for Fallout, Doom, and more.

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For Bethesda, the priority at the moment is on tackling bugs, ensuring a smooth frame rate, and adding the requisite spit and polish to ensure Fallout 4 is primed and ready for its November 10 release date. Considering that Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Skyrim have had a wealth of user content, it will be interesting to see how soon Bethesda pulls it together to let this happen for Fallout 4.

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