‘PBA Jam’ is the ‘NBA Jam’ of the Professional Filipino Basketball League

The 90’s classic, NBA Jam, will be revived on the mobile platform…sort of. The PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) has partnered with Ranida Studios to deliver an upcoming mobile game inspired by the arcade 2vs2 basketball game including high-flying dunks, aggressive defines, and a lack of rules. Basically, all the things we loved about NBA Jam minus the NBA brand.

The PBA is extremely popular among Filipino culture and it will include key players from the professional teams. Although playing with noticeable and idolized basketball players will entice more players, as a general basketball fan myself, I am curious to see how well it plays for mobile.

PBA Slam is targeting an April release for iOS and Android.

This is also why the PBA is awesome.

[Source TouchArcade]

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