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Twitter has become a powerful social networking tool that has changed the manner in which people interact with each other. The microblogging site is immensely popular on mobile devices with many Twitter apps available. Plume for Twitter (formerly known as Touiteur) Android client, recently got a swanky makeover along with some interesting new features in the form of version 3.0.1. Here’s a look at what’s new.

Plume’s new interface is now inline with Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich look. The Home screen looks stylish and more vibrant. Navigating through the interface is quite easy.

Once you log in to your Twitter account, the welcome screen gives a quick ‘Jump to Top’ tutorial. When you tap the timeline column label, the latest tweet appears on top.

Other columns include: Home, Direct messages and Mentions. Apart from searching for tweets and users, adding favourites or viewing trending topics, the Home screen now allows you to customise your columns in terms of their appearance and the order in which they appear. You can browse through the columns with a horizontal swipe.

plume-features.jpgOther noteworthy features include the addition of service for uploading images to the already existing services such as TwitPic, Mobypicture and YFrog to name a few. Plume now automatically resizes your images depending on the network type as per your preferences . makes an appearance for extended tweets in addition to Twitlonger.

The update makes the app simpler and more beautiful. In case you haven’t downloaded it already, we think you should definitely give it a try.

Other features of the app
Colourize your timeline/friends from Twitter
Multiple twitter accounts support
Scrollable widgets to display your Twitter timeline on your home
Mute Twitter users, word or clients
Picture preview
Twitter geotagging
Swipe scrolling
Internal browser
Autocomplete Twitter hashtags and username
Share photo with Twitter, Twitpic, Plixi, YFrog, Posterous, Mobypicture support for your tweets
Inline Twitter conversation
Display replies to a tweet
Display Twitter profiles
Pull to refresh

Plume for Twitter (Google Play, Free)

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