‘Sputnik Eyes’ Review

I love Sputnik Eyes.

There’s no other way to say it as this is the most satisfying $2 I have spent in a while. Well, other than my routine Americano from Starbucks, but for me, that’s a must for early mornings.

Sputnik Eyes is a logic-based puzzler created by Shelly Alon, the same developer behind Partyrs. It is a minimalistic and beautifully crafted experience with cute visuals, soothing yet upbeat music, and refreshing gameplay. The puzzle itself reminds me of a sliding puzzle board of sorts, but with new elements and a fun cosmic environment. The puzzle genre is one of my favorites for mobile, but these days, it has become a challenge to find a stimulating brain teaser. I’m glad to have come across Sputnik Eyes.

The object of the game is simple: direct your robotic friends into their corner of corresponding color.  Corners are connected by paths in which the robots can follow, but keep in mind there are only a few paths to travel. New factors are introduced such as exclusive paths to a certain colored robot and one-way paths. Just like a sliding puzzle board, you must take into account all pieces before fitting them into the right place. You will tend to shuffle robots around in order to finally get them in their respective corners.

Once all the robots are placed into their desired location, you win the round and successfully “explore the planet”. There are two bonus challenges: level completion within the set time and using the least amount of moves available. These are personal challenges which adds replayability for the nitpicky ones out there.

One of the highlights is the design decisions to keep things minimal, yet adding subtle elements to keep you absorbed. Your robots are alive, with their eyes wandering as you play through your puzzle and the music is somewhat zen, yet rides with an uptempo beat.

With 60 levels available, you will complete this game relatively quickly but the game continues on with randomly generated levels. The only gripe I have is that doesn’t quite touch the heart with these oddly shaped characters. I felt there could have been more of a connection made, similar to ways ZeptoLabs brought their characters to life.

Nonetheless, if you are going to spend $2 today, I recommend checking out Sputnik Eyes.

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