‘Star Trek: Wrath of Gems’ Review [iOS & Android]

Star Trek is a cult classic with a long history of iconic stories, characters and die hard fans. Although I was not much of a Trekky myself, I do respect its longstanding place in television and games. After a soft launch period, Wrath of Gems is finally out worldwide. Surprisingly, Wrath of Gems is Star Trek’s first official game for mobile and yes, it’s a match-3. Aren’t there enough of those already?

Fortunately enough, there is a lot more to Star Trek: Wrath of Gems as it ties in several elements such as turn-based battles, card collecting, RPG elements, and a decent storyline. All of this on top of a match-3 can get a bit overwhelming, but it is essential for to make this a noteworthy. The more commitment you make towards the strategy and upgrades, the deeper you will be reeled in as you upgrade your members.

Unfortunately, I’m worn out of match-3 games so it took some time to get into. I’ve seen all types of them, and although they’re unregrettably fun such as YMBAB, the spark and desire wasn’t there from the beginning.

There are three core gameplay types in the match-3 including starship battles, PvP combat, and diplomatic encounters. Each has a unique strategy of matching gems. The turn-based focus is a nice add, as players must work to their strengths and strategically match the elements to yield the best results. Whether it’s to increase your shield capabilities, fuel up your power up, or make direct attacks, this involves various strategies. The enemy will throw off you board occasionally.

What I enjoyed with Wrath of Gems is its ability to really absorb the franchise through its card collecting and storyline. Whether it’s the original or the next generation, you can select what path you will want to take. Each path tells a different story and you get to work with different iconic characters from Captain Kirk to Data and Geordie LaForge – all familiar faces.

The worst part about the game is its requirement for internet connection. As a free-to-play game, it is heavily in-app focused and does eventually go unbalanced without putting money into it. Overall, I do believe there are better match-3 experiences out there but if you’re drawn towards the Star Trek series, it’s worth a look.

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