Teaching Baby LLC Updates Its iOS App, Baby’s Brilliant, With Awesome New Videos


Baby’s Brilliant
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 January 22, 2015 – Sherman Oaks, CA Teaching Baby, LLC has updated Baby’s Brilliant for iPhone and iPad with awesome new videos for parents to enjoy with their young children. This innovative app enables babies and toddlers to learn while being entertained by delightful videos that show everyday life set to classical music from the most beloved composers.

babysbrilliant1Baby’s Brilliant provides beautiful short videos, each about five minutes long, which are specially designed to engage your baby to discover and explore the new and exciting world around him or her. Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, French and German, parents will smile as these colorful videos use images from everyday life, as well as inspiring settings from around the globe, to teach young ones numbers, letters, animals and other educational concepts.

The audio soundtracks have been carefully designed and drawn from a variety of genres, including classical, Spanish, spiritual, favorite children’s songs, and soothing lullabies, to perfectly complement the educational content of the videos. Guided by research that shows music increases a child’s overall development, memory, coordination and social skills, these videos offer a multi-modal experience aimed at soothing and enhancing healthy brain development.

“When my children were small, all the existing products had become too complicated, mostly computer generated, over-stimulating them, rather than engaging and educating them,” says Ulli Coulter, founder of Teaching Baby LLC. “It was time for a change”, she added, noting that babies don’t need much more than colors and inanimate objects to look at during those first formative years.

While there are innumerable videos on YouTube, Ulli realized that there was a lack of video material that has been designed specifically for babies and toddlers. In addition, even if you can find a good video on YouTube, as the experts at Kspersky Labs noted, “Children can be exposed to inappropriate content on YouTube,” and that kids can be as few as three clicks away from inappropriate content.

Baby’s Brilliant solves the problem for parents and care givers by providing enriching videos set to some of the world’s greatest music and all within an app that insures no inappropriate content will be viewed. Parents will also appreciate that the app includes read-along books.

Baby’s Brilliant is a universal app available to download from the App Store for free and can be expanded with a variety of $0.99 IAPs.

About the Developer:

Teaching Baby LLC was founded by Ulli Coulter, a busy mother of three, who was finding it more and more difficult to find enriching and educational materials for her children. She, along with her husband Benedict Coulter, an award winning editor/producer of coming attractions, wanted a tool to turn down the “noise” and turn up mind development; with that in mind, Baby’s Brilliant was born.

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