‘WWE 2K’ Mobile Game Review

Finally, WWE has released a mobile game that focuses on the action that happens inside the ring, rather than collectible card games and immortal PvP. Surprisingly, WWE 2K is the first “realistic” simulation game to hit mobile. This sounds great and all, but there is one protruding issue…the controls which happen to be just short of unbearable. Rather than having virtual controls, 2K uses a mix of swipe gestures and taps, which ruins the pace and excitement of each match-up. Yes, I have spent the time in this review to pick apart WWE 2K because well, I paid $10 for it.

Swipe, tap, tap, ugh.

Tap, tap, tap, pinch swipe, double swipe up and a few other gestures will execute various attacking options such as grapples, pins, special moves, irish whips, and punches. It was a noble attempt and I was initially impressed when I followed the detailed tutorial, but unlike it’s immortal brother in WWE Immortal, the pace is much much slower. So expect to see something like…tap…tap…double swipe.

This leaves for every match feel awkward rather than the choreographically essence of professional wrestling. It’s as if these two wrestlers have met for the first time in real life and didn’t get a chance to rehearse together. You see what I did there? Wrestling is fake!

Each wrestler has four grappling moves as well as two finishers, which happen to have a WWE Immortal-inspired control scheme. Directional swipes are common and each body slam is taken into a highlight reel view – which I felt was unnecessary. The worst part is that the realism is kicked out the door when you can perform you signature effortless without being in position. This sucks out a lot of the excitement of having a signature power-up to begin with and really involves no skill whatsoever.

A big flaw with these tap gestures is the lack of free roam movement. To move forward, you have to tap on your opponent to pace yourself closer, which seems to happen at a snails pace. For the most part, your wrestler is stagnant throughout the 1-on-1 brawl.

Types of Matches

2K Games mixes it up with three options of matches including a regular match, caged match, and last man standing with random weapons scattered on the mat. Although these are exciting options to choose from, the overall gameplay barely deviates from each other. It would’ve been nice to see a tag team option or even better, a Royal Rumble (yes, I’m being optimistic here).

A bright spot is that there is a solid list of wrestlers to choose from including Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Triple H, Kane, and several others. There aren’t any Diva wrestlers, however, I won’t open THAT can of worms. Either way, as a premium game, you have full access to all the wrestlers listed. With that said, it would be nice to have the opportunity to unlock more wrestlers by winning more matches, which could have been a good incentive to play more matches.

The career mode gives you the option to create your own wrestler or select a WWE superstar. To be honest, creating my own character had to have been the highlight of the entire game. There are plenty of options to customize your wrestler’s details and with the more you win in career mode, the more options become available.

And then there is multiplayer, a highly flawed option with similar lackluster wrestling action. You will be lucky to find a match, as its support is lacking. I didn’t find any urge to keep playing multiplayer.

As mentioned earlier, WWE 2K had only one job and that was to create an amazing wrestling simulation. This fell short and although it had decent graphics and features to go along with it, there is nothing available to draw me back into the game. Now on the bright side, we can expect for 2K Games to learn from their experiences here to continue to build upon it. We’ve experienced it before, as they have made efforts to improve control options on previous 2K sport games. I just hope it comes in an update rather than having to wait an entire year.

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