Xbox One to Get Improved Matchmaking With Overdog in March Update

With most multiplayer video games requiring you to be online, matchmaking has become of paramount importance. It’s the term given to connecting you with other players to play online.

Usually this process has you playing with anonymous people, making most games impersonal and mechanical instead of the free flowing conversation that used to take place when LAN parties and cyber-cafes were relevant. With Overdog however, this is about to change.

The app, now in the Xbox One Preview Program, helps users find players as per their preference. What this means is you can play with gamers who have more in common with you than just the game you’re playing. Aside from finding a match in terms of the game you’re playing, you can possibly find someone who also likes the same movies, music, and TV shows as well. All of which go a long way in making what usually has become a silent game of Halo into something a lot more chatty and interesting.

Overdog will be available for all Xbox One users when the console’s March update hits. And if you aren’t an owner of Microsoft’s black box, Overdog’s site claims it will be “coming soon to other platforms.”


On the topic of console updates, the PlayStation 4 is due for a massive update. As per gaming forum NeoGAF, PlayStation MVPs are beta testing the System Software v2.50 firmware which brings a host of additions to the system such as re-mappable buttons, the ability to back up your game downloads, and an improved Rest mode which lets you resume your game immediately letting you continue from where you left off – much like the Xbox One.

While there is no date on the arrival of these features, we won’t be surprised if they hit the PS4 sooner rather than later since its already being tested by end users in Sony’s MVP program.

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