‘You Must Build A Boat’ Review [iOS & Android]

I was playing You Must Build A Boat on my commute this morning. As I passive heard my next stop called, I was in the middle of a round dungeoning and I wasn’t ready to put it down. This was the first time I could ever recall wanting to stay in a public transit.

The official sequel to 10000000 is You Must Build A Boat by EightyEight Games. Its core gameplay is a fast-paced match-3 puzzle but adds an element of endless running and RPG. I know what you’re thinking, “What’s so special about another match-3? And did you say endless runner?”

Yes I did, but hear me out.

You Must Build A Boat is a strategic match-3 game, where you shift entire rows or columns rather than singular tiles. At the top of the screen, your character is running through a dungeon and encountering monsters and treasure chests. Certain combinations of tiles will result in your character’s action during his encounters. For example, matching the green tiles with the keys will unlock a treasure lock whereas the blue tiled swords will execute an attack. There is also a staff, thoughts, power and shield, each of which hold a unique action.

This variety of actions make this game more strategic than the generic match-3 puzzles. As you explore dungeons, you’ll encounter increasingly difficult monsters as certain types are resistant to certain attacks. Crates also fill the board which can combine to create power-ups or just take up useless space on the board.

Each round is endless, as you must continuously barrel through the monsters and unlock the treasure before your time runs out. Before you start each round, you will unlock 1 or 2 quests to complete.

Although the gameplay itself is extremely fun, the concept of the “boat” is the core element of the game. It doesn’t entirely make sense, but it’s goofy in a fun sort of way. As you progress, your boat will collect the monsters, recruit friends, and build up a massive boat in which you can’t help but feel like Noah and his arc.

Your friends, who come in all shapes and sizes, are the ones you go to in order to upgrade your attacks, shields, and spells. The boat eventually turns into a big party. This sequel takes 10000000, and adds more life.

If I were to recommend one game to pick up this week, it will have to be You Must Build A Boat. It’s casual with a balance of deeper game elements, making it a suitable game for everyone.

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